Saul Martinez - Sales Agent

Saul Martinez Headshot

A rising agent, Saul brings his best to the table with his 'never quit' attitude - his hustle never ends. His bright, amicable, and outgoing personality allows him to make his clients feel comfortable and right at home. He serves each client wholeheartedly as if they were one of his own.

Born and raised in Houston, Saul is no stranger to the city and his community. He attended Milby HS and graduated from ITT. He has had a long career in accounting and has developed attention to detail and leadership skills that have helped him in his real estate career. As a full-time real estate agent, Saul is always excited to take on the next challenge and exceed each client's expectations.

Happily married for nearly 15 years, Saul is a proud father of two children. In his free time he dedicates himself to his family. He enjoys a good movie, running, discovering new eateries, and attending church.